Maguindanao massacre

The authorities have already come under fire for failing to quickly bring in members of the Ampatuan clan for questioning, inevitably raising suspicions that the administration was treating them with Maguindanao massacre gloves.

Joson said the massacre might affect, or even lead to the cancellation of, the scheduled presidential elections. KidapawanPagalunganBuayanMarbelParangNulingDinaigSalamanBuluanKiambaand Maguindanao massacre total of eleven 11 towns added to the previous four towns; the newly founded towns of KabuntalanPikit conversion as regular municipalityand Glan added up in September 30, In the plebiscite, a majority of votes cast in the original four provinces were in favor of the amendments; outside these areas, only Marawi and the province of Basilan excluding Isabela City opted to be included in the ARMM.

Unlike the other newspapers, the Express was not visited by censors. These water bodies serve as sources of both agricultural, industrial and domestic water requirements of some rural barangays.

All bail proceedings have been resolved, except for Ampatuan Jr, whose formal offer of evidence FOE was deemed submitted for resolution on October 14, The prosecution has already rested its case, and it is now the turn of the defense to present its evidence-in-chief. In August, Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno said the 7-year-old case may soon be up for decisionwith the trial reaching the tailend of the hearings.

Aquino, after coming into power in via revolutionary means, replaced every locally elected official with officers-in-charge, although the town of Maganoy was approached differently; the aging mayor, Pinagayaw Ampatuan, was replaced by his vice mayor, Andal Sr.

Sinabi niyang para ito sa namayapa niyang asawa at nangangako siyang ibabalik niya ang "kalayaan at katarungan" sa lalawigan. Interior Secretary Ronaldo Puno told a news conference that there appeared to be a "total misuse of our law enforcement in the area.

Another factor seemed to be at work, however. The people killed included Mangudadatu's wife, his two sisters, journalists, lawyers, aides, and motorists who were witnesses or were mistakenly identified as part of the convoy.

Icban had the same experience. Cotabato City is politically subdivided into 37 barangays. June 9, — Andal Ampatuan Sr. The Mangudadatu group was herded to what appears to have been a prepared killing ground in a hilly area a few kilometers from the highway.

SC halts graft, usurpation trial vs Aquino over bloody Mamasapano raid

September 15, — The court denied the petition for bail of Zaldy Ampatuan. Inatasan ni Pangulong Arroyo na ilagay sa "State of Emergency" ang buong lalawigan.Geography. The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) is situated in mainland Mindanao in the southern Philippines and was created by virtue of the Republic Act No.

Maguindanao massacre

which signed into law by President Corazon Aquino on August 1, The plebiscite was conducted in the proposed area of ARMM on November 17, in the provinces of Maguindanao. Filipinos have always been known for their strong sense of family and community.

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7 years later: What happened to the Maguindanao massacre case?

2 days ago · MANILA, Philippines — Malacañang is confident that the principal suspect in the Maguindanao massacre of 58 persons, including 32 journalists, will be convicted early next year. Nov 22,  · MANILA, Philippines – After nine long years, the decision on the gruesome Maguindanao Massacre will be out soon.

Masaker sa Maguindanao

This, after the primary suspect in the crime, former Mayor Unsay Ampatuan Jr. of Datu Andal, Maguindanao, submitted. ONGOING CASE.

Justice remains elusive for victims of the Maguindanao massacre.

Marcos and the Press

File photo by Ben Nabong/Rappler. MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – After two presidents, the Philippines' worst. The Department of Justice ((DoJ) wants to be done with the trial of the Maguindanao massacre case by next month.

This was bared by Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra on the commemoration of the ninth anniversary of the gruesome killing on Friday.

Maguindanao massacre
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