College athletes deserve payment

If top players from leagues less popular than college football and only just more popular than college basketball are earning millions of dollars outside of the playing field, then why cannot college athletes? Racial resentment was deemed more important than all other factors, including political affiliation, age, education, and even experience playing college sports.

The cynical view is that this payment is not real, with players being deprived of the education that schools pretend to offer them. In his passion and zeal, Bilas willfully distorts the reality of college athletics. That is why I believe that college athletes if they are good enough and popular enough that if they want to sell their own signature or endorse a product they should be able to.

Finally, while they are in college, the football players are treated like kings, literally the Big Men on Campus. If the NCAA really cared about these students in the classroom they would have scheduled this game during a break in school to make it easier on the student athletes.

College athletes deserve to be paid

You can make a strong case for it based on the amount of time they put into their work. In his short time as president he has not made life easier for college athletes. First, according to a Harris pollcollege football and basketball are the third and seventh most-popular sports in America, respectively.

While there are certainly many kinks in the College athletes deserve payment to be worked out, the overarching theme is clear, and no College athletes deserve payment should athletes be stripped of what is rightfully theirs.

Edelman, College coaches and athletic directors are not the only ones in college athletics making large salaries. The NCAA has defended its no-pay rules on many different grounds.

While the Heisman winners and Naismith recipients would be well off, the unrecognized pole-vaulters would be in relatively the same state that they are today. Jaeden Arder, Staff Writer Senior Jaeden Arder has a wide variety of interests, including spending time with friends and playing basketball.

That might be high or low depending on the school, if it's a private or public institution, cost of living and a number of other factors. And their SAT scores increased by the impressive number of points for incoming freshman.

While minor infractions that are for the good and well-being of the student athlete bring great consequences to the athlete and his school. How do you do it? When athletes succeed greatly at a national and regional level it brings publicity and increased interest to the university that otherwise would not happen.

If academics was truly the most important thing to the NCAA they would have had investigated UNC much more thoroughly and given them a tougher punishment. And the student-athletes who rely on those scholarships deserve to be treated fairly by the universities they represent, meaning they should be guaranteed money for the time they dedicate to the programs.

At that time the NCAA was truly their for the well being of college athletes.

College Athletes Getting Paid? Here Are Some Pros And Cons

What they are asking for? College athletes could cash in the same way. They are what generates revenues all around. A federal judge just ruled that the NCAA can't stop players from selling the rights to their names, images and likeness, striking down NCAA regulations that prohibit them from getting anything other than scholarships and the cost of attendance at schools.

In this light, being part of a sports team at college is seen as part of the education students are paying their fees for, rather than as a job or a career. The question of payment of student athletes raises countless more questions in and of itself: In addition, however, there is a distinct whiff of anti-intellectualism in the claim that free tuition and fees, as well as free room and board at an institution of higher learning, are somehow no big deal.

Corporate executives earn different amounts of money; pro athletes earn different amounts of money. The athlete devotes so much time to the team that he or she plays for and if that team wins a National Title or reaches the Final Four those colleges reap the benefits of all the athletes hard work.

Again, however, paying players would change none of that. We should not denigrate it by treating it as anything other than the best possible route to fulfillment and success.

They do deserve something, and they are getting something extremely valuable. However, one thing often discredits college athletes from getting paid: But surely we must take into account the reality that college football players often do not graduate, and are sometimes not asked to do college-level work.Pay to Play: Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Should College Athletes Be Paid?, form of payment, but it is not the type of payment that some individuals are advocating. The primary College Athletes Deserve Same Rights As Other Students,", May 7.

College athletes deserve to be paid. Facebook; Michael Wilbon is a featured columnist for and The best college athletes in the two revenue-producing sports have.

The man who helped win free agency for NFL and NBA players is seeking the same for college athletes. TIME Cover Story — It’s Time To Pay College Athletes deserve their fair share.

Oct 28,  · Should college athletes at least be paid the same minimum wage as the students who usher at their games or sell refreshments to fans? Jun 07,  · Whether or not college athletes deserve to be paid seems to be an annual offseason debate. College football is a full time commitment: and paying players could help a lot of problems surrounding the game today.” (James) According to a NCAA report, 65% of college athletes graduated, which means 35% of them drop out or leave college early.

College athletes deserve payment
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