Al qaedas maritime threat maritime security research papers

At the dawn of the twenty-first century, with the emergence of Al Qaeda, a trendsetter, the global maritime threat landscape has been changed forever.

Their actions are an example of the blurring of the distinction between terrorism and piracy. The technical wings of intelligence Saloni Salil Information Technology, the National Disaster agencies and armed forces have synergy in this PNS Zulfiqar, the US-led coalition naval forces operating The co-writer is Management Authority, Computer Emergency specific domain; they can exchange ideas, resources off the Arabian Peninsula have intensified their a Geopolitics and Security Analyst.

In Septemberthree days shipping companies, thereby hiking shipping costs, intensity military operations.

Jihad at Sea – Al Qaeda’s Maritime Front in Yemen

It has under its control the expansive stated by the Indian Navy Chief. This to establish a dedicated cyber command despite does not necessarily amount to an arms race, but a push by the three military Services.

After a final intelligence review, al-Nashiri deemed the success of such a mission was unlikely and aborted its operation. First, despite recent declines and as a contributing cause to these declines piracy continues to impose substantial human and economic costs on the global shipping industry, including American shipping.

The ninth instalment of Exercise APEX will be held next month and involve more than 1, personnel from across the national maritime security agencies. We consider two case studies here: Most groups exploit the maritime environment to transport goods and personnel.

It was a target of the U. Guerrilla and terrorist groups seek to mount low-cost, high-impact attacks. Army soldiers standing at a tank with posters of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, secure a road in the southern Yemeni port city of Aden. Gem-grade emeralds are found in the valley of the into a loosely integrated jihadist state.

With the hardening of military vessels and the strategic shift towards mass transportation systems, cruse ships have increasingly attracted the attention of terrorists.

The harm to seafarers is not limited to the attack itself. According to a Distrigas spokeswoman, the ship did not explode and the crew was able to contain the fire. Maritime piracy — regardless of where it occurs — imposes economic and human costs on us all.

Al Qaeda's Maritime Threat

The Suez Canal in Egypt.Apr 08,  · threat to maritime security stems from Al Qaeda’s associated groups in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and theWest. The Threat to the Maritime Domain: How Real Is the Terrorist Threat?

83 This chapter is a revision of a paper originally presented at a workshop on economics and maritime. Maritime Security: Malaysia’s Persistent Problem measures taken in recent years by Malaysia appear to have neutralized the maritime threats in this region; however vulnerabilities remain due to geographic challenges, sovereignty concerns, Islamiyah (JI), a radical organization with connections to al-Qaeda.

According to a White Paper. Akiva Lorenz in his essay “Al Qaeda's Maritime Threat” touches on some of the vulnerabilities of various transportation systems to Al Qaeda's asymmetric warfare, and then he moves to his main topic- Maritime Security.

To date there have been three major successful terrorist attacks on maritime targets. The rise of a new generation al Qaeda leadership, and a renewed focus on its affiliate network ensures al Qaeda will remain a long-term threat to US Homeland Security.

The Subcommittee will focus on how the network has evolved in recent years and how Congress and the new Administration can respond.

Al Qaeda’s Maritime Threat Al Qaeda’s Maritime Threat Akiva J. Lorenz April 15, First Published at 1 / 22 Akiva J. Lorenz Al Qaeda’s Maritime Threat Outline: I.

Introduction II.

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Definition of Maritime Terrorism III. Historical overview IV. Al Qaeda Background V. Wake-up calls VI/5(15). regional cooperation in place to combat crime and other maritime security threats.

The paper to offer the best possible answer to maritime security threats in Southeast Asia.

organizations such as al-Qaeda may also have the potential to conduct attacks on maritime.

Al qaedas maritime threat maritime security research papers
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